Prichard's Fine Rum 750mL

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Prichard's Fine Rum 750mL

Prichard's Fine Rum is made from premium table grade molasses, which Prichard sources from Louisiana. "We start with our fermenter," says Prichard. "We put in our water, our molasses and our yeast and our yeast nutrients and in about 10 days, we have a pretty good molasses beer." After the molasses beer, or wash, is prepared, it is distilled first through Prichard's copper-pot beer still, before being distilled a second time through his copper-pot spirit still. "We do a second distillation," says Prichard, "which really just polishes and refines the rum."

After the rum has aged for 3 to 5 years, Prichard and his team of distillers fill and label each bottle by hand at cask strength. Prichard's Fine Rum has a golden hue, with an aroma of chocolate, almonds and vanilla. The initial notes of vanilla and bananas give way to hints of coconut, sweet molasses and a touch of smoke. The long, complex finish has hints of cinnamon and cardamom that are balanced by sweet notes of malt and molasses.

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 40%