Red Harbor Rum 750mL

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Red Harbor Rum 750mL

Red Harbor ages their rum in new American oak barrels. New oak barrels provide Red Harbor Rum a flavor profile similar to bourbon. This is a break from most modern rum production that typically ages rum in used bourbon barrels.

In the years preceding the American Revolution, Charleston played a leading role in rum becoming the most popular drink in Colonial America. Undeterred by England’s attempts to control the lucrative trade of rum and molasses, distillers -and their customers- continually found way to smuggle their goods through the British occupied (red) harbor. Crafted using traditional distillation techniques and uniquely finished with freshly charred American oak, Red Harbor Rum preserves the centuries old tradition of rum in America.

Created to revitalize interest in America’s oldest spirit, Red Harbor Rum is a rum like no other.  Made simply from molasses, yeast, and water, and aged in oak barrels, our traditional, colonial style rum is smoky and oaky on the front with a vanilla and caramel finish. Unlike the vast majority of imported rum, Red Harbor has an oak-forward flavor that is reminiscent of bourbon and is crafted using authentic colonial techniques, ingredients, and packaging. We strive to make sure rum is no longer the forgotten liquor of America.  Red Harbor Rum drinks like a bourbon and is best enjoyed neat.

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 40%