Blackened American Whiskey 750mL

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Blackened American Whiskey 750mL

Blackened American Whiskey is the perfect gift for a die-hard metal fan is in the form of Metallica’s very own Blackened American Whiskey. Come to think of it, it's the perfect gift for just about everyone!

Once poured, this whiskey yields a strong nose of burnt caramel, spice, honey, and oak, paving the way for a scrumptious and robust palate of apricots, strawberries, dark fruits, rose petals, allspice, mint, more honey, cloves, and wood, culminating in a persistent and velvety finish of honey and butterscotch notes.

Sweet, smooth, and very satisfying, the Blackened American Whiskey definitely makes for an excellent gift material whether your intended recipient is a metal fan or not. So take the liberty of sending a bottle to friends and family today and let them indulge in the exquisite flavors of this sonically-enhanced spirit to their heart’s content.

Launched in 2018, the Blackened American Whiskey is the result of a collaboration with the legendary metal band and famed WhistlePig master distiller Dave Pickerell and crafted from a selection of whiskeys using a proprietary process that utilizes sound to enhance its flavors. Following Pickerell’s passing, Stranahan master distiller Rob Dietrich has stepped up to helm the brand’s operations, continuing to keep Pickerell’s legacy alive by spreading Metallica’s powerful music through a whole new medium, 5,000 bottles at a time.

Made from a selection of whiskeys sourced from various undisclosed distilleries in North America, every bottle of Blackened American Whiskey begins its life with the whiskeys being carefully blended under master distiller Dietrich’s supervision to achieve the optimal taste and smoothness. This blend then undergoes finishing in "black brandy barrels" over the course of a few weeks during which time it is constantly bombarded with low-frequency sound waves from a playlist of Metallica songs, agitating it and promoting more interaction with the wood. Following this process which is dubbed "Black Noise", the finished whiskey is then tamed with the addition of pure water before finally being bottled.

Visit to listen to the unique playlist that each batch of Blackened Whiskey was pummeled by!