Redneck Riviera Granny Rich Reserve Whiskey 750mL

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Redneck Riviera Granny Rich Reserve Whiskey 750mL

Big & Rich’s John Rich celebrate his grandmother’s birthday and the launch of her own Granny Rich Whiskey, an 86 proof whiskey!


Founded in 2014 by country musician John Rich, Redneck Riviera set itself apart as a lifestyle brand that celebrates America’s hard-working men and women. Build on Rich’s "Work Hard, Play Hard" philosophy, the brand recently branched out to whiskey production partnering with the team at Eastside Distilling to craft their very own range all-American whiskey expressions.

On February 2019, the line received its most recent addition in the form of Redneck Riviera Granny Rich Reserve Whiskey, a whiskey expression honoring the woman who has served as one of Rich’s greatest inspiration: Granny Rich. Made from a blend of 3-year-old corn whiskey and 4-year-old American single malt, the whiskey is meticulously blended to achieve a matured and refined worthy of bearing her name.

Each sip of this fine whiskey begins with a pleasing aroma of corn and caramel which then give way to a silky and flavorful palate of more corn, vanilla, sweet, malt, and oak, culminating in an exceptionally sweet and gratifying finish.

A whisky for the working man and woman, the Redneck Riviera Granny Rich Reserve Whiskey embodies the character of Granny Rich whose work ethic and fondness for a good shot of whiskey is definitely an inspiration to everyone, not just her grandson. So send a bottle of this fine whiskey to friends and family today and let them enjoy its soothing flavors to their heart’s content.