Ghost Dog Ghost Pepper Whiskey 750mL

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Ghost Dog Ghost Pepper Whiskey 750mL

Bold. Masculine. Unapologetic. 

Ghost Dog embodies what a man's drink should be. 

In a market increasingly flooded with sweet liqueurs masquerading as whiskies, Ghost Dog is the alpha spirit. This small-batch corn whiskey, infused with smoked ghost peppers and an exotic blend of botanicals, seductively touches the tongue with a hint of smoky sweetness before culminating in a long and smoldering finish. Ghost Dog thrives as a lone wolf taken straight or ignites any cocktail. Aag Mae!

Ghost Dog Ghost Pepper Whiskey - corn whiskey with smoked ghost pepper and other natural flavors


Recipe Feature:

  • 1.25 oz. Ghost Dog Whiskey
  • Bundaberg Lemon, Lime, & bitters

Build whiskey and bitters (to fill) in a rocks glass over ice and stir. Garnish with a lime and lemon wedge.