Laurent-Perrier "Cuvee Rose" Brut Rose Champagne 750mL

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Laurent-Perrier "Cuvee Rose" Brut Rose Champagne 750mL

Cuvee Rose Brut Laurent-Perrier from stands out from the entire collection at home. Even the shape of the bottle, invented yet when Henry IV, is distinguished by its uniqueness and originality. This is not just a rare and very rare pink champagne. Enjoy its fruity flavor and fresh aroma of red berries - a real pleasure. And unusual production technology is very different from the traditional wines of Champagne, gives the wine even more uniqueness and originality.

This sparkling wine has a harmonious and balanced taste, which is dominated by fruity notes. The finish is long and elegant.

The grapes for the production of champagne using only the best vineyards of 10 communes. Maceration, which is done on a specially made to create this champagne equipment lasts for three days. Champagne is aged on the lees for four years. Serve chilled recommended. Give with Cuvee Brut Rose of my heart!

Laurent-Perrier - synonymous with respectability, prestige and luxury. This brand is familiar to every lover of champagne. Laurent-Perrier house is among the four best producers of Champagne. Sparkling champagne from the house Laurent-Perrier won worldwide trust over 100 years ago and continues to hold its status today. Undoubtedly, this house produces one of the best sparkling wines in the world. By the way, he prefers himself Jacques Chirac.

It all started quite prosaic - 1871 Eugene Laurent married Matilda Emilia Perrier, and a few years later the family business is managed by the Laurent-Perrier's widow. I must say that she did it quite skillfully - the enterprise to thrive and develop. During the world wars of the XX century Laurent-Perrier case fell into disrepair, but was able to revive the economy of a Bernard de Nonancourt. Already in the middle of the XX century produced more than a million bottles of sparkling wines, and today the house produces light 12 million bottles of champagne first class. The main shareholders are the daughter of the house of Bernard de Nonancourt. Manages a group of companies the Board of Directors headed by Yves Dumont.
The house Laurent-Perrier believe that it is impossible to make something good without the outstanding raw material, so there is buy the best grapes Cru Champagne. In an economy with talented oenologists who achieve incredible taste and quality champagne. In 1968, they made ??a discovery - created famous Cuvee Rose Brut, which to this day excites connoisseurs of champagne.