Willie's Cattle Dog Canadian Whisky 750mL


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Product Overview

Willie's Distillery is happy to announce our new Whisky release of CattleDog Whisky!

It honors the resilient spirit of the iconic working companion. An instinctual herder, a loyal friend, a hand above the rest, we salute the CattleDog. His tenacious grit and bountiful heart forefronts him to the head of the pack.

Unleash this new frontier in Canadian Whisky that honors the resilient spirit of the iconic working companion. More than a whisky, it serves as a tribute to the timeless connection between man and best friend, echoing through the ages of stockmen and cowboys to the miners and trappers. With every pour, savor the echoes of campfire conversations and feel the untamed essence of this Spirit of the American West. CattleDog Canadian Whisky, because adventure should be sipped, not just lived.

Now that there is a CattleDog Whisky, 'You Can Have Two Best Friends"!

Willie's will be donating a portion of the proceeds to Dog Tag Buddies. They are a MT non-profit who partners veterans suffering from hidden injuries (PTS, TBI, MST) with rescue dogs. Their program gives both the veteran and the dog a chance to lead a more fulfilling life. Services are at NO cost to the veteran.

Country: Canada

Distillery: Willie's Distillery

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 40%










(No reviews yet) Write a Review