Crown Royal XR 750.ML 80 Proof

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Crown Royal XR 750.ML 80 Proof

Crown royal Canadian blended whiskey Extra Rare Whisky Series

Crown royal Canadian blended whiskey Extra Rare Whisky Series is masterfully blended with whiskies from Diageo's Gimli, Manitoba plant and the resulting whisky really is one of a kind. But Crown Royal is a decidedly Diageo whisky now, and this elegant, perhaps even stately example is simply and appropriately called Crown Royal XR Extra Rare. Nose: Closed at first, the nose opens to hints of fresh lumber, cedar, sweet licorice, floral and perfumed rye notes, then hints of pine. Dry grain, mash, hayloft, then sweet tobacco follow. Light, but also rich and complex, with many intermingled essences yet no dominant notes. Among the many aromas are corn, sweet ether, mucilage, vague peppermint, hints of canned peaches, some sultanas, then a whiff of something just slightly citric. Palate: Begins with mild toffee, like faintly floral corn whisky, and surprisingly, it tastes a bit salty. It's sweet, but not cloying. Sweet rye baking spices show themselves right away then after a lot of other action they come back with hot flashes of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, and generic "?rye' spices. Glowing white pepper notes along with hot peppermint create quite a warming sensation. An early bitter lemon peel zestiness balances a rich, creamy, weighty mouthfeel, keeping the palate responsive. Finish: Longish, peppery, and warm, with bitter zest in the middle, then hot and vaguely sweet with hints of toffee. Fragrant rye flowers, then peppery, fading into hints of rye spices and fresh-cut wood. This unique lumberyard finish.