NueveUno Organic Kosher Tequila Añejo 750mL

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NueveUno Organic Kosher Tequila Añejo 750mL

NueveUno Tequila is traditionally crafted, seeking the authentic taste of tequila, resulting in a classic , strong and complex taste. 

NueveUno is crafted with organic selected agave, in a controlled, specially sole area in Amatitán Valley, Jalisco Mexico. Taken care by hard working hands assuring mild growth. Oaks gift our barrels with wisdom and experience from the Earth, translating into strong and natural notes. NueveUno is the only single estate AND organic Tequila brand on the market today. This is a non-GMO, additive free and kosher tequila. NueveUno is a proud woman owned business with a female master distiller. 

The word Kosher is Hebrew for "fit" meaning something is fit to be consumed - It's clean according to Jewish Law. Modern slang has stretched it further to mean that it's "legitimate" or free from a compromising situation. 

Visual - Amber color of great intensity, with golden hues, bright, clean and full-bodied.

Aroma - Delicate notes of orange peel, vanilla, caramel, spices such as cinnamon, cloves. Ripe fruits such as banana, mango preserves, maple, cappuccino coffee. Cooked agave is delicate and delicate aromas of raw agace. It is balanced between its aromas and the perception of alcohol.

Taste - It is sweet, powerful, confirms in the mouth its aromas achieved in the aging process such as vanilla, caramel, cappuccino coffee and fruity vapors. Very long-lasting in the mouth.

Master Distiller: Nohemi Partida

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 40%