Gran Reserva de Don Alberto Extra Añejo 750mL

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Gran Reserva de Don Alberto Extra Añejo 750mL

Gran Reserva De Don Alberto Extra Anejo is a sweet and tasty Extra Anejo tequila, made at Tequilera Puerta de Hierro- (Leticia Hermosillo Ravelero)- NOM 1477 in the Valle region of Jalisco. It is named for Alberto Partida - who is the father of Gildardo Partida Melendrez, who is the owner of the distillery and owner of Gran Reserva De Don Alberto, as well as Cava de Oro Tequila.

The bottle itself is beautiful.  The label, wax and handwritten notes, and is a great example of craftsmanship. 

  • Aroma:  The oak is the most dominant smell, with wonderful stewed fruits, nutmeg
  • Firs sip: A nice combo of sweet cooked agave and ripe berries like cherry
  • Body: Medium viscosity.  A really unique note in a tequila with hints of earth with compliments of the fruitiness.  A well balanced combo.
  • Finish: A beautiful combination with a strong smooth finish.