Murray McDavid Croftengea Marsala Finish Single Malt Scotch 700mL

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Murray McDavid Croftengea Marsala Finish Single Malt Scotch 700mL

Since 1994, we’ve been leading the way in the art of whisky maturation; crafting exciting Scotch whisky by finishing fine spirit in great oak casks.

The gently peated malt and the italian wine cask combine to create sumptuous flavours of sweet hickory, honied cereal and bbq tropical fruits. A fine dance between oak and spirit leaves a long moreish finish with elegant, sweet smoke.

This Croftengea from the Loch Lomond distillery belongs to the Cask Craft series of the independent bottler Murray McDavid. In his new series with a total of 6 bottlings, he includes Single Malts from all over Scotland bottled in a wide variety of oak casks. The special single casks are bottled uncoloured and unfiltered and are therefore ideal collector's items. The Croftengea is matured in a single Marsala barrique cask. The slightly peated Single Malt becomes a tropical-fruity combination of honey cereals, sweet walnut and BBQ facets through the post-maturation in the Italian wine cask.

Region: Scotland

Bottle Size: 700mL

ABV: 44.5%