Diplomático Mantuano Rum 750mL

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Diplomático Mantuano Rum 750mL


Diplomático Mantuano is an authentic blend of rums aged for up to eight years. Versatile, Mantuano is ideal for mixing in long drinks  such as Rum Mule. Opening up with aromas of dried plums, oak and a delicate spiciness, it is complex and well-balanced on the palate, following on with notes of dried fruits, wood and vanilla.

Ideal for mixing in long drinks such as Rum Mule, Tiki cocktails and punches to share, but also for classic cocktails as Negroni, It’s also perfect for pairing with a luxurious selection of nuts or charcuterie.

Nose: Opening aroma of dried fruits (plums), oak and a delicate spiciness.

Mouth: Complex and well-balanced, with notes of dried fruits, wood and vanilla.

Finish: Concludes with a harmonious and slightly dry finish.

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 40%