Ron Cihuatán Sahumerio Aged Rum Limited Edition 750mL

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Ron Cihuatán Sahumerio Aged Rum Limited Edition 750mL

Love, fire, and a fiery Salvadorean Rum.

Cihuátan was an ancient Mayan city that was granted riches and fertility by a goddess who took the form of a nearby mountain to watch over the sugar cane fields. The name itself is a reference to this legend and translates to "the land beside the sleeping woman". That's quite a backstory! Here's another shocker: Ron de El Salvador Cihuátan is the first Rum distillery in El Salvador. Dedicated to sustainability, Master Blender Gabriela Ayala crafts delicious Spirits, each expression paying tribute to a different Mayan god.

The Cihuátan Sahumerio is a limited-edition affair, a Rum that's crafted with 4 rums aged 12 to 14 years that come from their private reserves. It's a tribute to love and the Mayan goddess Chantico that represents it. The Sahumerio is a ritual that is performed in order to invite the goddess via a sacred vessel. This vessel would have a fire burning night and day, inviting love into the home. It's a fiery Rum indeed the juices were aged in ex-Bourbon casks before being bottled at 90.4 proof. Hand-numbered, each of the

Nose: The aromas are meant to invoke the smells of the Sahumerio ritual with notes of dried fruit, myrtle, incense, floral undertones, and a touch of cocoa.

Taste: There's pleasant honey sweetness on the palate with dried apricots, cocoa, some nuttiness, and a hint of smoke.

Finish: The finish is rich and long with lingering notes. 

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 45.2%