Casa D'Aristi Kalani Coconut Liqueur 750mL

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Casa D'Aristi Kalani Coconut Liqueur 750mL

Casa D'Aristi in Mexico ferment fresh coconut milk and macerate it with Mexican rum to create their Kalani Liqueur. Sweet and subtly chocolatey, this serves well over ice or with your favorite mixer.

Made in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Kalani [kuh-lahn-ee] gets its color and flavor from Yellow Dwarf Coconuts that are harvested at a 19th century colonial plantation. These coconuts are shredded and pressed for milk. Casa D’Aristi then ferments the coconut milk and macerates it in pure sugar cane rum to create this 60-proof coconut rum liqueur. 

Rum-based liqueur made with fresh coconut milk drawn from “Malayan dwarf coconuts,” a hybrid breed imported to the Yucatan by the Aristi family. A very pure, clean coconut character — this tastes a lot like Malibu, with the sweetness dialed back. Notes of vanilla and some milk chocolate give the liqueur a bit more nuance, but on the whole this can be used as a solid replacement for any coconut-flavored rum or coconut-heavy sweetener.

Nose: Unmistakably coconut on the nose, Kalani also has the distinct sugar-flecked aroma of white rum.

Palate: On the palate, it’s got some heat up front thanks to the base spirit, but that quickly dissipates into an almost aggressively sweet, sugary flavor with prominent flavors of fresh coconut.

Finish: A touch of almond and vanilla.

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 30%