Kenways Winery Merlot 750 mL

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Kenways Winery Merlot 750 mL

*All wines are sold in the latest year's vintage

Tasting Notes:
Mother Nature was enjoying her varietal wines when she realized they would be even better with a touch of her favorite fruits. The result is the perfect combination of Pomegranates and Merlot grapes, unfiltered so the full flavors and rich aromas are poured at their peak. Its ready to serve chilled or over ice.

Vintage Notes:
The vintners in Lodi began picking grapes in August, and as early as the first week of September. There was a slight spike in activity in the vineyards and wineries September 23-28, 2012 but overall this vintage in Lodi Wine Country was a surprisingly calm, methodical affair. There was no rot, no inclement weather, and no major issues. The temperatures were very moderate, with only one real hot spell.