Tesoro Azteca Tequila Añejo 750mL

Tesoro Azteca

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These early artisans began fermenting and bottling this sacred liquid and from this moment in time Mexico’s world-famous traditions and unmatched tequila craftsmanship would begin.  

Today, Tesoro Azteca Tequila is made in this same historical town of Amatitan, Jalisco, that dates to the settlements of the Aztecs. This remains the cradle of the best tequilas in the world. 

We are a small company of Jimador artisans passionate about our traditional tequila distilling and committed to bringing your palate the smooth savoring delight of our ancestors 100% natural blue agave recipes.  Our goal, like 400 years ago, is to bring people together from across the world to delight in the magic of community and quality tequila. 

Enjoy the smooth taste of Tesoro Azteca Tequila and become part of our treasured history.

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 40%


(No reviews yet) Write a Review