Pochteca Coconut Liqueur with Tequila 750mL

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Pochteca Coconut Liqueur with Tequila 750mL

Pochteca Coconut Liqueur made with Tequila has a great body! If you love a light coconut flavor, this is your drink. Crystal clear in color, with a perfect agave tequila finish. 

Pochteca Liqueurs are made with 100% agave tequila and agave nectar. They are made from all natural extracts obtained from alcohol infused herbs, grains and fruits of the region. The combination of these materials gives each liqueur, while refined and complex, a well-balanced and well defined flavor.

At sight - Cloudy liquid with a slightly yellowish white color, accompanied by natural grated coconut, very good body.

To the Nose - A balanced combination between the characteristic aromas of coconut that allow to perceive the same as the tequila 100% of agave and the nectar of agave.

To the Mouth - Characteristic flavors to fresh natural coconut accompanied with notes to milk that confirm the found in the nose. Excellent balance between all its components that harmonize a very pleasant drink.

Bottle Size: 750mL 

ABV: 18%