PLUSH Vodka 4 Bottle Special 750mL

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PLUSH Vodka 4 Bottle Special 750mL

This four pack includes 2 PLUSH Pure Spirit Vodka bottles and 2 PLUSH Plum Vodka. 

In a world where flavor, taste, and innovative fusion techniques have been compromised, PLUSH is reinventing what a vodka is supposed to be. The introduction of PLUSH is accompanied by the essence of the soft, smooth, and sweet plum fruit.

The plum has been used in the far east for years to make Plum Liquor also known as Plum Wine. They believe the richness of the plum is one of the most complimentary fruits for pairing with a premium liquor.

Now, the richness and delicacy of the plum has been carefully fused with the 8 times distilled PLUSH Premium Vodka. PLUSH is distilled from corn grain and goes through rigorous testing to ensure that every bottle is strictly made using only natural flavors while also being gluten free and kosher; resulting in the smoothest and most elegantly flavored vodka available. From the moment you release the cap from the bottle you are instantly romanced by the sensual floral aroma that will bring any evening to its knees. Pour over ice and let the sophistication of PLUSH touch your lips as your inhibitions succumb to the seduction of every sip. The night is now yours to own.