Unlce Ed's Damn Good Vodka 1L

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Unlce Ed's Damn Good Vodka 1L

Finally a distiller that the everyday, blue-collar worker and casual drinker can easily relate to! Uncle Ed, organic farmer and distiller of Damn Good Spirits, lives by a simple mantra - "Give more than you take." His selfless motto lives on through his support of our environment and his crafty and innovative vodka recipes; starting with this simple and down-to-Earth basic 80-proof vodka that can only be summed up with its name...DAMN GOOD!

Uncle Ed’s Damn Good Vodka is a clean, simple, smooth, AND delicious Vodka with a charitable purpose that you can feel good about drinking. We’ve traded the marketing talk and sales pitch for a simplified mission. Our premium vodka is made from Non-GMO corn, is naturally gluten free, and contains zero added sugar.  

Our purpose is our passion - producing a pure, clean, sustainable Vodka that enables us to support causes around the world that make it a better place. It’s in the spirit of community and Ed’s mission to simplify, sustain and give back, that we donate a portion of profits from every bottle sold to movements that support global environmental causes. 

Bottle Size: 1L

ABV: 40%