Midnight Moon Blueberry Moonshine 750mL

Midnight Moon

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When life gives you blueberries, throw 'em in a jar of 'shine to soak. Our Midnight Moon Blueberry is hand-filled with delicious blueberries so the flavor and color infuses with the 100 proof (50% ALC./VOL.) Midnight Moon. As the spirit ages, the flavor intensifies for a sweet side of the Moon.

Midnight Moon Blueberry spirit begins with the handcrafted, ultra-smooth Midnight Moon recipe. Real fruit and Midnight Moon are then placed in mason jars by hand (just like moonshiners have done for generations) then they age in the jar for several weeks, to ensure each bottle reaches the peak of all-natural fruit flavor before it leaves the distillery. Moonshine made by hand by the Johnson Family in the traditional small batch method from corn and real fruit. 

Nose: Real fruit aromas on nose.

Palate: All natural fruit flavour.

Finish: Rich and Smooth finish.

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 50%


(No reviews yet) Write a Review