Sugarlands Shine Maple Bacon Moonshine 750mL

Sugarlands Shine

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Product Overview

Maple Bacon moonshine is a sweet and savory spirit that combines the tastes of smoked bacon and candied maple syrup. The distinct blend is easily taken as a shot or combined to make a smoky, full-flavored cocktail.

Our Maple Bacon moonshine is an extension of our Outlandish Series and is a great conversation starter at any party!

Serve our Maple Bacon shine alongside peanut brittle, potato chips, donuts, bourbon, caramel, butterscotch or pancakes. Maple Bacon moonshine makes the perfect Bloody Mary! You can also use it as a substitute for sweet vermouth in a Manhattan.

Bottle size: 750mL

ABV:  35%


(No reviews yet) Write a Review