Casino Azul The Gold Ring Tequila Añejo 1L

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Casino Azul The Gold Ring Tequila Añejo 1L

Tequila Casino Azul Anejo is 100% Blue Agave. This spirit is light beige straw color and has a pleasant aroma with good complexity, smooth floral overtones, a musty earth-like bottom and a hint of leathery wood smells. Casino Azul Anejo Tequila is made with handpicked 100 percent weber blue agave. The same yeast was used in order to make this tequila for years.

Nose: Sweet aromas of fine leather, and vanilla.

Palate: Extremely smooth with mellow oak and hints of ripe fruit.

Finish: Medium finish with a nice sweetness and agave pepper linger.

Bottle Size: 1L

ABV: 40%