Aprendiz Mezcal Espadín 750mL

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Aprendiz Mezcal Espadín 750mL

Another fantastic mezcal to make it onto our shelves! It demonstrates the spirit’s growing stature as the leading representative of small-scale and family owned distilleries, with a connection to terroir.

This mezcal is produced by the Pescador de Sueños and Santa Sabia families. This is a Joven mezcal, meaning it is entirely unaged, showcasing the flavors of the agave to the maximum. Aprendiz uses Espadín variety agave, gathered in San Jaun del Rio in the Oaxaca region (mezcal’s homeland). There is no road to the area, and the mezcal makers must descend down a dirt road by foot, to the heart of the valley. The agave is baked in ovens set into the ground, before being traditionally ground by a mule-turned wheel and fermented in open tubs. Distillation occurs in old-fashioned brick set pot-stills complete with worm tubs.

On the nose, this mezcal is spritely and spirituous, with a lovely smokey agave aroma and a little flinty minerality. The palate does not belie the nose, yet adds a peppery spice and slightly hot mouthfeel. The finish is short, smoky and spicy. An excellent and highly traditional mezcal.

Maguey: Espadín

Agave: Angustifolia

Region: Oaxaca

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 38%