Mildiani Saperavi Ceramic Bottle 750mL

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Mildiani Saperavi Ceramic Bottle 750mL

Mildiani Saperavi Ceramic Bottle is estate bottled and produced from 100% Saperavi, which is the noble dry red wine grape of Georgia. The flesh of the Saperavi is purple, not just the skins as with most red grapes. It can be made in a variety of styles from semi-sweet to dry, and in this case is definitely the latter - in fact, bone dry. The dark red color of this Saperavi leads to a nose of spicy, smokey herbs, black pepper and flint. The flavors are those of tart dark fruits, pomegranate and black pepper. It is an ideal companion to grilled or smoked meats.

The single most recognized historical wine town in Georgia, and the heart of the Kakheti region in the southeastern portion of the country. Rustic in style and family-owned, Mildiani is an artisanal property capable of producing outstanding wines in quantities sufficient to support consistent export to the U.S. without sacrificing family management at every stage in both the vineyard and winery. True to its name which translates to “dye” in English, Saperavi produces wine that’s inky, deep red to black in color, often accompanied by a full body and profound texture. Like Alicante Bouschet, it is teinturier with dark skin, dark flesh, and dark juice.