Tierra Sagrada Tequila Plata 750mL

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Tierra Sagrada Tequila Plata 750mL


Tierra Sagrada Tequila Plata is a premium silver agave tequila crafted in Mexico. The perfect balance of agave and water, this tequila has an herbal taste with notes of artichoke, pepper and green grass. The clear and brilliant color is crystal-like, with warm shades of silver sparkles. Its pure and intense aroma is the same way that its agave soul infiltrates your soul, offering an unforgettable moment to enjoy with friends.

Our silver bottle turns heads and makes people curious, because of the amusing contrast. A dazzling tequila, full of grace and elegance. Pure silver with a satiny finish that speaks for itself. Experience tequila with agave soul and a touch of silver.

Master Distiller: Gildardo Partida

Aging: 3 Weeks

Class: Plata

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 40%