Teky Lady's Purse Tequila Añejo 375mL - 3

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Teky Lady's Purse Tequila Añejo 375mL - 3
Look out Prada, Chanel, Gucci... here comes Tekylady’s!! This is a handmade ceramic handbag bottle with a beautiful pattern! The outstanding Añejo 100% agave tequila this handbag contains is a bonus, if you do decide to open the bottle.

Each handbag bears Sergio Partida’s signature. Sergio is the operations manager of the Tres Mujeres tequila company hidden in the midst of the Tequila Valley. He oversees the jimadores who harvest the ripe agaves, watches over the fermentation process and checks the bottling of the tequila. Tres Mujeres is a family-operated business and 100 percent Mexican. And it produces only pure 100% agave tequila.

Don't forget to pick out a matching shoe bottle!
Bottle Size: 375mL