Riqueza Cultural Extra Añejo Charro 750mL

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Riqueza Cultural Extra Añejo Charro 750mL

The peculiar figure of the Mexican charro is a symbol of our Mexicanness. From a historical perspective, the figure of the Mexican charro, goes back to the time of the colony, when the haciendas originated, the Mexican charro is characterized as being a cheerful and bohemian person. Tequila Riqueza Cultural CHARRO DE CERAMICA is presented in a beautiful Ceramic liquor store molded and hand painted by Mexican artisans, its aluminum embossing label, it depicts the traditional Sarape, its ceramic cap and wearing an authentic charro hat.

  • Category: 100% blue agave tequilana weber.
  • Type: Extra-aged
  • Alcohol content: nal 38% export 40% alc. Vol. (80 proof).
  • Plant: organic agave.
  • Region: valleys of Jalisco.
  • Distillation: Amatitán Select Tequila (NOM 1459).
  • Location: Amatitán
  • Cooking: Slow cooking for 72 hours in traditional masonry ovens.
  • 100% Agave
  • Ceramic charro
  • Tequila Riqueza Cultural
  • Grinding: Craft grinding.
  • Fermentation: Own yeast (secret formula).
  • Distillation: Double distillation process, in copper stills Maturation: Rest patiently for at least thirty-six months (three years) in white oak barrels, from which it takes its color, flavor and bouquet, resulting in a product of superior characteristics, to meet the most demanding of the most demanding connoisseurs
  • Body: Extraordinarily soft, with a great silkiness that endures.

Bottle Size: 750mL