Persian Empire Saggi Arak 750mL

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Persian Empire Saggi Arak 750mL

Persian Empire Aragh Saggi or Arak Saggi is an exceptionally well-rounded vodka with smooth and almost flavorless aftertaste. Persian Empire Aragh Saggi is one of the smoothest, most mixable vodkas on the market, which is an excellent candidate for creating great cocktails and it is a perfect for any occasion. This colorless spirit blends masterfully into a cocktail and stands on its own when taken neat.

Persian Empire Arak Saggi a raisin-based spirit from Persia with a truly distinctive flavor which has made it the national beverage of its mother country, tracing its roots to the early 16th century Persia. You can drink Aragh Saagi straight to experience its pure flavors, but most people prefer it mixed in cocktails as not everyone will have the same experience with Persian Empire Arak Saggi, this is the experience you must have on your own!

Bottle Size: 750mL