Originale Ultra Premium Guillotine Vodka 750mL

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Originale Ultra Premium Guillotine Vodka 750mL

Originale Ultra Premium Guillotine Vodka has been awarded the only gold medal at the Concours Mondial Spirits Awards in Brussels, Guillotine. Originale is smooth, light, and aromatic, offering notes of citrus and currant with hints of almond and toffee. This exceptional vodka is gluten-free and Vegan, made with no conservatives, coloring agents, or artificial sweeteners, making it the perfect pairing for a fresh cocktail of your choice.

Grapes are handpicked, de-seeded, pressed, then fermented and slowly distilled in a 100-year-old distillery following standards of traditional French expertise that preserve the subtleties of the fruit.

By mixing ancient methods and modern savoir-faire, we create an exceptionally well-rounded 80-proof vodka that is unexpectedly smooth and incomparably fresh.