O.R.E. 118 Raw Vegan Gin 750mL

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O.R.E. 118 Raw Vegan Gin 750mL

O.R.E. 118 Raw Vegan Gin is definitely not your grandfather's gin. Starting with select grapes, the distillers at the 118 + 1st oversee the marriage of the finest ingredients with the art of vacuum distilling to preserve the raw essence of both fruit and botanicals. This process allows the fresh taste to stay in your glass!

The nose of O.R.E. 118 Gin is vivid with citrusy and fruit-forward notes. There’s an extremely bright note of fresh makrut lime leaves and zest that while dominant on the nose there’s slight hints of spice and juniper along side.

On the palate the lime leaves again hold court as the star. But they’re bright and citrusy, almost suggesting fresh key limes and lemon leaves as well.

Then the spice comes up just a tad, notes of fresh grated galangal and turmeric root segue into pine-forward juniper and a long lime leaves finish. For having no citrus fruits among the botanical bill, O.R.E. 118 Gin comes across is extremely citrus-forward owing to the brightness that they were able to pull from the low-temperature distilled makrut lime leaves.

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 41%