Mildiani Ornamenti Ceramic Bottle 1L

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Mildiani Ornamenti Ceramic Bottle 1L

Mildiani Ornamenti in a Ceramic Bottle is from the Kakheti region and is a dry white wine. It is characterized by an amber colour, fruit aroma, pleasant taste, velvety and harmonious. It is made of Rkatsiteli and Kakhetian Mtsvane grape varieties, with fermentation with the must. The micro-zone is located in the basin of the Alazani and Iori River.

Wine in clay bottles is one of the special and distinct lines of Mildiani production. Esthetic and subtle, handmade clay vessel is made of the highest quality ceramics. It is decorated with traditional Georgian ornaments. Only red dry or red semi-sweet wines made of Saperavi grape sort are poured into Mildiani clay bottles.