XIII KINGS Vodka 750mL

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XIII KINGS Vodka 750mL

XIII KINGS Vodka has an amazing taste of sophistication. Made in the USA, and from the finest American corn and extremely pure water. A proprietary 13 step distillation process creates a perfect balance for you to raise your glass to cheers at your party.

XIII KINGS Vodka is a good vodka, and is proven a great vodka alcohol by the many medals it has won:

  • 2016 Gold Medal Winner -Wine & Spirit Wholesalers of America
  • 2016 Gold Medal Winner -Seattle International Spirits Awards
  • 2016 SilverMedal Winner -Los Angeles International Spirits Competition

Looking for a new vodka drink, here you go!

XIII Pears (Prickly Pear Martini)

  • 2oz XIII Kings Vodka
  • 1oz Prickly Pear Syrup
  • .5oz Cointreau or Triple Sec
  • .5oz Lemon Juice
  • 1 Maraschino Cherry for Garnish