Hammock Bay Coconut Rum 750mL

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Hammock Bay Coconut Rum 750mL

Perfectly crafted product infusing the finest Caribbean rum with the essence of real coconuts. It is sweet, yet wonderfully smooth. Aromas of cream of coconut, milk, and faint mango with a fruity medium body and a pleasant, breezy pineapple kissed finish.

A carefree day on a private Caribbean beach is not complete without the perfect tropical cocktail. A longing for this tranquil oasis in our own backyard is what serves as the inspiration for developing this line of Hammock Bay Rums.

Whether enjoying a prominent oceanfront setting or swinging lightly in your backyard hammock. A sip of Hammock Bay Rum over ice or mixed with your favorite drink recipe will evoke tropical breezes and rustling plams.

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 21%