Duvel Barrel Aged Batch No.4 75cL


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Product Overview

Duvel Barrel Aged is a unique tasting beer that was developed with great respect for the authentic taste of Duvel, but with a surprising twist.

The gold-coloured specialty beer is aged for nine months in oak bourbon barrels. The barrels come from renowned American bourbon distilleries: Four Roses Distillery, Woodford Reserve, Jack Daniels, Heaven Hill and George Dickel. The barrels are still saturated with the original bourbon and this creates a slightly stimulating Duvel mouthfeel with powerful notes of bourbon, vanilla and caramel.

Duvel Barrel Aged is a unique 11.5% ALC tasting beer with a sensational flavor that’s delicious in combination with raw or smoked fish, sushi, grilled or smoked meat, cheeses, exotic fruit and chocolate. Duvel Barrel Aged stands for refined enjoyment, shared with friends and family, and is perfect for serving at the end of a festive meal.

As the beer will mature for a longer period, this “barrel-aged” Duvel will be darker in color than the traditional Duvel, with a higher alcohol percentage and less bitterness. The barrels that were selected have had a long life and can boast a real evolution in terms of taste. The oak bourbon barrels originate from two distinguished American bourbon distilleries: the Four Roses Distillery in Kentucky (nominated 'distiller of the year' in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015) and the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky('most award winning distillery in the world'). In the distilleries' maturing basements each barrel has matured bourbon for five to seven years.

Bottle Size: 75cL

ABV: 11.5%


(No reviews yet) Write a Review