Dos Artes Tequila Reserva Especial Añejo 1L

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Dos Artes Tequila Reserva Especial Añejo 1L

The classic design of the Reserva Especial bottle has returned, and this time is the perfect container for the 2023 Añejo Especial Edition; this fantastic creation is an Añejo that was aged 15 months in American and French Oak barrels and finished in Dos Artes-owned Virgin French oak barrels.

Savor the richness of Mexican craftsmanship with Dos Artes Añejo Reserva Especial. This premium tequila, nestled in an intricately designed bottle, embodies the artistry and passion that go into traditional tequila making, offering an exceptional tasting experience.

Dos Artes Añejo Reserva Especial presents a complex harmony of flavors. Each sip begins with a bold expression of sweet agave, accentuated with the nuanced warmth of toasted oak derived from extended aging. As the flavor develops, notes of dark chocolate, ripe fruits, and a touch of spice are unveiled, resulting in a full-bodied, lingering finish.

The Dos Artes Añejo Reserva Especial is a celebration of Mexican tradition and artistry. It's meticulously crafted from blue agave and aged in oak barrels, infusing the spirit with distinctive flavors. Each bottle, a work of art in its own right, encapsulates the spirit of Mexico, making this añejo tequila a unique gem in the world of spirits.

Master Distiller: Leon Bañuelos 

Agave: Highlands

Cooking Method: Autoclave

Barrel: Blend of American Oak and Virgin French Oak

Distillation Method: Alambique (Pot Still) 

Fermentation: Hybrid, Classical Music Effect

Aging: 18 Months Minimum

Bottle Size: 1L

ABV: 40%