Cosa Salvaje Tequila Plata 750mL

Cosa Salvaje Tequila

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Country music icon Tanya Tucker has conquered the music industry for more than five decades and is now launching Cosa Salvaje Tequila with founder Elle France. Cosa Salvaje is a silver spirit distilled by the family-owned Partida Distillery in Jalisco, Mexico from very mature Blue Agave plants, which results in a smooth, crisp taste. 

Every Cosa Salvaje bottle is handmade out of recycled glass. “Cosa Salvaje bottles are truly a work of art and we’re changing the face of the tequila drinking experience. Cosa Salvaje is smooth enough to sip and the taste is perfect for even non-tequila drinkers.  

Cosa Salvaje Plata Tequila, is an enticing treat, that is a true sipping tequila. Its is bottled fresh from the still, with a slight sweet cooked agave finish. The moment it enters your mouth you will experience a warm wave of spicy, peppery and herbaceous flavors. Cosa Salvaje is ultra smooth, that even non tequila drinkers will love it!

The bottle is a piece of art, beautiful, edgy, sexy and will motivate you to want to touch it. "Its your wild-thing"  Your wild-thing experience will go beyond the tequila. Cosa Salvaje will create a sensation and connection with the brand. We are changing the face of the Tequila drinking experience.

Distillery: Partida Distillery

Agave:  100% Blue Agave

Class: Plata

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 40%


(No reviews yet) Write a Review