Corcel Blanco 750mL

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Corcel Blanco 750mL

Platinum translucent, medium body with thick tears of medium retention.

Corcel Blanco is a candid Tequila with herbaceous and fruity character that sprout cherry syrup, red plums, blueberry and dehydrated fruits, is complemented by botanical nuances such as liquorice and lemongrass, subtly citrus notes appear, such as lemon and lime peel; it’s fresh and mellow profile is attractive and elegant to the nose.

Of semi-dry profile with honeyed and herbaceous impact, with pleasant astringency on the sides and end of the tongue, cherry syrup a hint of lemongrass evolves with a slight warm finish at par with nuances of agave nectar and a hint of spearmint.

Aftertaste: Agave, cooolness of spearmint and cherry syrup.

  • Ideal Serving Temperature: 62 °F.
  • Suggested Glass: Short Tumbler.
  • Suggested Tasting: Drink straight or in a cocktail.
  • Pairing: Nuts and dried fruits, fresh Sea Food and Salads.Signature drink: Prickly pear Margarita.

Class: Blanco
Agave: Blue Tequilana Weber (7 year old)
Aging: No aging.
Category: 100% Agave.
Distillation: Triple.
Region: Guadalajara.
Capacity: 750 ml.
Alc Vol: 40% (80% Proof).
NOM: 1173 CRT.
Distillery: Destilería Santa Lucía
Origin: México.