Yeni Raki 750mL

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Yeni Raki 750mL

An aniseed flavoured grape spirit from Turkey, which has developed over centuries.

Raki is made by double distilling a grape called suma. The second distillation is performed in copper pot stills, and with the addition of aniseed. The distillation runs very high, and produces a spirit of around 95% ABV.

This spirit is diluted down and sweeted, before being rested for a minimum of 30 days in oak barrels, softening the spirit’s harshness and adding flavor. The final product is strong, sweet and herbaceous, with a powerful core of aniseed flavor.

Raki is often served alongside mezze dishes, with cool water either on the side, or mixed with the spirit to produce a cloudy drink known as “Lion’s Milk”.

Raki is a crucial part of Turkish drinking culture, and a wonderful aperitif.

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 45%