The Mask Red Blend 750mL

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The Mask Red Blend 750mL

Look – Darkest garnet, with an inky core and pretty purple edges. When swirled, this wine reveals a tightly springy surface that settles quickly, leaving behind tightly-packed clusters of of skinny legs. After a moment, an additional cascade of skinny legs emerges, making their way slowly down the edges of the glass

Smell – Black plum, red plum and black cherry lead the bright and balanced charge, followed by dried fall leaves, boysenberry, pie spice and eucalyptus gum nut (the seed pod from a eucalyptus tree)

Feel – Medium-weight and fast across the mid-palate, then gradually more grippy, with a dryness that is introduced at the edges of the tongue – then moves inward as the wine settles in, coating the mouth and drying the lips and cheeks with fine tannins

Taste – Soft and plush mixed flavors of dark mixed cherry, blackberry and under-ripe plum, and soft sweetwoods, soft spice and a unique flavor of braised petite purple fig

Finish – Medium long in length with a slightly tart and mineral dryness that lingers along with dark fruit and earthen components