Porto Dom Roz??s 1L

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Porto Dom Roz??s 1L

Dom Roz??s 10 Years Old is a rich, elegant and generous port wine. Aged for 10 years in oak casks at our cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia, this wine is the result of a careful selection of wines produced with the main red grape varieties from the Douro region. Tasting notes Deep rich mahogany with a slight orange hue. Nose An harmonious nose with intense and subtle aromas of nuts, figs and raisins and some citrine orange notes. Palate Smooth, complex and ripe with a delicious sensation of freshness. A well-balanced and structured wine, with a light finish. Drinking occasions Roz??s 10 Years Old is a tasting wine that makes a perfect combination with chocolate desserts, cherries and dried fruits.

Serving suggestion:
Dom Roz??s is excellent as an accompaniment both to venison and to desserts such as baked fresh figs with honey. It is also pleasurable to drink with an after-dinner cigar.