19 Crimes The Uprising Red Wine Aged 30 Days in Rum Barrels 2016 750mL

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19 Crimes The Uprising Red Wine Aged 30 Days in Rum Barrels 2016 750mL

In making 19 Crimes “The Uprising” the winery selected particular wine parcels for their spice and concentration of flavour providing the wine with great intensity and lusciousness on the palate. The vintage 2016 is Shiraz dominant lending bright raspberry fruit and plush tannin structure with Cabernet Sauvignon to provide blackberry fruits, palate weight and structure and then Grenache to provide spice and fruit sweetness on the palate. The nose has intense lifted mocha, caramel and baking spice notes. On the palate the wine is full and mouth coating with brown sugar, jammy blackberry and chocolate notes.

Temperatures were significantly warmer than average during the spring and summer months.These weather conditions caused bud burst to occur at the usual time, but vine growth and development rapidly increased with flowering, and harvest dates occurring earlier than ever before on most vineyards.A dry winter and spring with little effective rainfall resulted in reliance on irrigation with little disease incidence.All fruit varieties matured rapidly, resulting in an unprecedented compressed vintage.Fruit fully ripened with good flavour and varietal definition.

pH: 3.47
Acidity: 6.9g/L
Alcohol: 15.0% w/v
Residual Sugar: 12.0 g/L

Nineteen Crimes turned criminals into Colonists. Upon conviction, British rogues, guilty of at least one of the 19 Crimes, were sentenced to live in Australia, rather than death. This punishment by ‘transportation’ began in 1788, and many of the lawless died at sea. For the rough-hewn prisoners who made it to shore, a new world awaited. As pioneers in a frontier penal colony, they forged a new country and new lives, brick by brick. This wine celebrates the rules they broke and they culture they built.