Kurayoshi 12 Year Malt Whisky 750mL

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Kurayoshi 12 Year Malt Whisky 750mL

This bottle, the Kurayoshi 12 Year Old Pure malt Whisky is one of the finest things this distillery has produced. We were quite impressed with this new offering, and we bet that you will be as well. And as far as we know, we are the only shop outside of Japan to stock it.

Even the most ardent fans of Japanese whisky would be forgiven not to have heard of the Matsui distillery. Located in Tottori, a coastal prefecture on southern Honshu mostly known for its sand dunes, it is also the location of Matsui Breweries, which makes traditional Japanese sake and shochu, as well as whisky.

Kurayoshi 12 Year Old Malt Whisky has rich fragrant aromas, with notes of almonds and malt. 12 years of maturation is reflected in every mouth-coating sip. Vanilla and dried fruit are abundant on the palate with faint hint of smokiness. This whisky is an exceptional balance of tart and sweet, ending with a soft and smooth finish.

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 43%