Stone Imperial Whiskey Cask Strength 750mL

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Stone Imperial Whiskey Cask Strength 750mL

Stone Imperial Whiskey Cask Strength is a special, bold whiskey. Aged for 30 months in charred oak barrels, this whiskey has punchy notes of coffee, caramel, oaky spice, and smooth honey. A distinctly dark chocolate note punches through with undertones of coffee, espresso, cream, and caramel. Bottled at a potent 127 proof, this whiskey is certainly powerful. It is designed to tickle the fancy of some of the more experienced whiskey drinkers.

We recommend adding a light splash of water or a couple of ice cubes to this robust bottle for full enjoyment. That being said, this cask-strength bottle is perfect to soothe the soul after a long day or to celebrate the joys of being alive whenever the occasion feels right.

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 63.5%