Shenk's Homestead Sour Mash 2021 Release 750mL

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Shenk's Homestead Sour Mash 2021 Release 750mL

From The creator:

Shenk’s is a Sour Mash Whiskey made with a substantial amount of rye. Following the success of the 2019 and 2020 releases where some Chinquapin (Quercus muehlenbergii) oak barrels were used during maturation, the 2021 release also includes use of this oak. The wood has been naturally air dried and seasoned for over three years and the Chinquapin oak has been charred at various char levels for the aging of some of the whiskey. This year’s release has resulted in a balanced whiskey with an elegant body and finish.”

Dark golden amber

Brown sugar aroma with baking spice and fresh citrus

A beautiful sipping whiskey with some sweet caramel notes followed by hints of nutmeg, cloves and dried fruit

Finishes smooth and elegant with lingering citrus and gentle oak.

Bottle Size: 750mL