Russian Standard Vodka 3 Pack 50mL

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Russian Standard Vodka 3 Pack 50mL

Russian Standard Platinum, with its additional silver filtration, smoothes the liquid creating a subtle and balanced spirit, excellent for a velvety smooth martini. Russian's # 1 Premium Russian Vodka. It's the finest expression of traditional Russian vodka with natural grain aroma and a long, round finish. ideal for an authentic Moscow Mule cocktail. Russian Standard Gold, the Gold Standard in Vodka, with its unique hint of ginseng and vanilla notes, creates a distinctively rich and exceptionally mild vodka, perfect for sipping and toasting any celebration.

At the heart of Russian Standard Vodka is the man who created it, Russian entrepreneur Roustam Tariko. Russian Standard Vodka is Russia’s number one premium vodka, and you can find it in more than 80 countries around the world. But Roustam never rests. His relentless pursuit of perfection – vodka perfection – is what drives our people and the production of Russian Standard Vodka. Our vodka specialists have developed a proprietary distillation process which retains the natural sensory character of the pure spirit, and filters out impurities.