Rock N Roll 100mL Tequila Combo Pack

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Rock N Roll 100mL Tequila Combo Pack

Enjoy the Rock N Roll 100mL Tequila Combo Pack! Choose any combination of three 100mL bottles of Mango and Platinum to create your own custom 3-pack of Rock N Roll premium tequila. 

Platinum Tequila: 

  • Color - Bright and clear, with distinctive silver shades.
  • Aroma - Remarkably balanced, with a light, airy scent of baked agave touched by the slightest herbal hint.
  • Taste - Pure seduction, with delicate tones of mint and sweet agave giving way to crisp citrus and herbal hints of spice. Together, these notes play a blissful crystal melody, revealing a character smooth enough to become legend.
  • ABV - 40%

Mango Tequila: 

  • Color - A rich, golden orange.
  • Aroma - Flashes of mint and citrus sparkle over an intense field of sweet mango, caramel and baked agave.
  • Taste - A brilliant tropical production playing upon the stage of your palate, experience the soul of legendary blue agave, the rush of sweet caramel and mango, backed by a crisp citrus finish that leaves you wanting an encore.
  • ABV - 40%