Pocket Shots - Gin 50mL

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Pocket Shots - Gin 50mL

Juniper berries, tradition, time, and knowledge have resulted in a world-class spirit, Gin, which since its rise to prominence a number of centuries ago, has been beloved by a variety of individuals and connoisseurs, thanks to its unique, notable, and simply excellent taste.

Pocket Shot Gin is the perfect style of the world-famous spirit. Longtime aficionados and relatively new enjoyers alike will become enthralled with our rendition of the spirit at first taste, and likely remain a customer for quite a while to come after that. We’ve tirelessly studied the manufacturing procedures behind a number of world-class companies (and given the diversity of Gin, there are no shortage of these), implemented our own innovations, adapted based upon the feedback of a number of tasters, and ultimately, offered this perfect liquor for your enjoyment. We won’t reveal our top-secret recipe any time soon, but you will certainly have fun trying to discern its contents based upon the numerous delicious flavors which it boasts. Pocket Shot Gin, in addition to being a perfectly bodied and decidedly marvelous-tasting offering, is packaged inside our easy-use plastic containers. These environmentally friendly 50 ml (about 1.7 fluid ounces) containers allow for simple and straightforward enjoyment on the go, at home, or just generally. Top-shelf liquor can be embraced without paying for expensive shots at a bar or purchasing an entire bottle. Pocket Shot Gin is your ticket to spirit bliss and enjoyment.

Bottle Size: 50mL

ABV: 40%