Pluma Negra Tepeztate 750mL

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Pluma Negra Tepeztate 750mL

Tepeztate is a wild maguey that grows in shaded areas at high elevations (around 5000ft) in rocky, limestone-rich soil. Our Maestro Mezcalero employs traditional methods for harvest and distillation. Donkeys transport machete cut maguey down to where it’s cooked in an underground earthen oven. An animal powered tahona stone grinds the baked maguey, which is placed in pine barrels for wild yeast fermentation. All of our Mezcal expressions are finished with a double distillation process in small batch copper pots.

Fresh herbs and newly cut grass with a hint of eucalyptus. Warm and soft on the palate, with bright herbal notes. Tepeztate has a long and distinctive finish that increases in complexity over time. 

Tepeztate is a sipping Mezcal best enjoyed neat. Pairs well with roasted chicken, seared duck and lean meats.

Bottle Size: 750mL