Mount Rigi Swiss Aperitif 750mL

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Mount Rigi Swiss Aperitif 750mL

Experience this delicious, bright aperitif liqueur - a new, modern twist on an old-world spirit, kirsch, that is enjoyed throughout the Alpine regions of Europe.

Mount Rigi is named after the majestic mountain in the Alps, in the heart of Switzerland. The mountain is known for its scenic views over turquoise finger lakes, which are fed with fresh glacier water, its pure air, and its gentle sloping meadows filled with fragrant botanicals. These unique alpine flavors have been married with the traditional Swiss fruit brandy, kirsch, to create Mount Rigi Swiss Aperitif.

This liqueur is both flavorful, with subtle but complex notes, and incredibly versatile. Use as you would an elderflower or maraschino liqueur in all varieties of cocktails, or, true aperitif style, pair with tonic, sparkling wine, or beer for a new, fresh taste.

Tasting Notes: Soft and sweet on the palate, followed by mellow floral flavors with a natural citrusy finish.

Bottle Size: 750mL

ABV: 20%