WhistlePig Boss Hog 750mL

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WhistlePig Boss Hog 750mL

WhistlePig Boss Hog has a clear, solidly amber coloring with copper highlights. The nose is very sweetly seasoned, mixing Christmas cake spices with apple mint and caramel, but looming just behind this bundle of bakery notes is the presence of musty wood. 

The flavor is where this rye takes a hard, sharp turn. It’s big, bold and spicy, exactly what you would expect from a 100% rye at cask strength. It’s peppery and gingered, with a dollop of vanilla, but also quite wonderfully smoky. 

What really gives this rye its extra oomph is the smoky current from the peated finish.  WhistlePig Boss Hog is first and foremost a bold rye whiskey, and only in the peppery aspect is it otherwise Scotch-like, and pepper is a note you will find in ryes too.